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We are passionate about seeing young people become all that they were meant to be so we work with youth groups, run creative clubs, mentor young people and more.

We aim to meet practical, spiritual, emotional and physical needs in the community and inspire this generation to become a generation of change, hope and love. Passionate about raising self-esteem, giving young people the opportunities to achieve and explore their creativity.

We were also are keen to provide teenagers with positive role models who encourage them, listen to them, and support them.

We are passionate about engaging young people in Creative arts, whether to support those on the edge of exclusion, develop self esteem, work on behavioural management or simply giving opportunities to achieve and learn new skills.

We work with local schools running running projects in media and music production with small groups of young people. These projects are focused on making a video about issues that are significant to the young people, or producing music from scratch and being able to take a CD home. These projects work for groups of up to 10 students and can run over an intense week or a half term, in school or at The GateWay.

For more information please contact us.