Team blog: Alisha

I’m Alisha. I have now been on the Create Team for about 4 months. I am 18 years old and before moving to Yeovil I lived in a town called Aylesbury. I’m happy to say I now class Yeovil as home! I enjoy reading, listening to music and singing. I spend the majority of [...]

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2016 update

It’s been a long, long time since we have sent out an update on all that has been going on with Create, so I am going to do my best to update you on what we have been up to so far this year. The first term was an excellent one for the new team, [...]

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Team Blog: Mark

My name is Mark and I’m 20. I have lived most of my life in a place called Tiverton in Devon. My family have always been heavily involved in the church, so I grew up in a Christian family with my mum, Lynn, my dad, Peter, and my brother, Jack. I never grabbed faith for [...]

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Team Blog: Joe

This year has started off really well, for me it is the 2nd year of leading the Create team and although I was in the role when it was Urban Warriors for 3 years, I still feel like I am learning more everyday. This year's team are really strong, they are a very creative bunch [...]

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Team Blog: Millie

My name is Millie, I am 18 years old and grew up Stoke-sub-Hamdon with my parents and my younger brother Noah. I have just finished studying English Literature, Film Studies and Sociology at Strode College in Street, a great couple of years in which I discovered many things that I am passionate about. I have [...]

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Team Blog: Isaac

I was born in Torquay and lived there until the age of 5. I then moved to Wells in Somerset, and then back to Torquay at the age of 12. I was attending Living Waters Church: Paignton which was a real time of character building and spiritual challenge for myself and my family, due to [...]

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Team Blog: Lisa

I am Lisa and I am from a little town called Vendome in the centre of France. My father is a pastor and my mother is psychotherapist and I have two sisters who are 21 and 6 years old. Being in another country is really great and weird at the same time! I have experienced [...]

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New Wine highlight reel

We are back from an epic summer of different camps, events and other things. We have been at Spree, New Wine and Soul Survivor all in different capacities, some taking young people, others leading venues or providing music and worship leaders. We had the massive privilege of being involved in running the Thirst venue at [...]

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Pedalathon 2015

We have just completed our 24 hour Pedalathon! It has been an amazing time of sweating, laughing, singing and cycling. As a team we took every hour for the full 24 hours and invited members of YCC to join us on another bike. The whole thing was streamed live on the internet through USTREAM and had [...]

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Team update – Jade

I have now officially been a part of the Create team for over 2 months and I’m really enjoying it. In this time I have started going into Preston Academy with Emma and Jake to run Christian Union which is going really well and we do detached work there on Tuesday lunchtimes where we have [...]

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