Team Blog: Lisa

I am Lisa and I am from a little town called Vendome in the centre of France. My father is a pastor and my mother is psychotherapist and I have two sisters who are 21 and 6 years old. Being in another country is really great and weird at the same time! I have experienced a lot of new things and discovered how a church works in England.

I decided to spend this year in England to discover what I can do for a church, for God, and also because I really like this beautiful (and wet) country. The most difficult thing for me is probably the adapting to English food. I am really enjoying living with my host family and its a privilege to be with these amazing people on the team who do this amazing work! I work with children, do youth groups every week, am part of church life everyday and go in school for CU  which is all really exciting! It’s a lot of things that we probably can’t do in France like the work with the different schools.

This year I am really looking forward to improving my English, learning a lot about God, growing up in my faith and having fun with the team in our job.

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